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Riccardo A. Andreoli


Round the World 2007-3

In this part of the blof we're in New Zealnd


New Zealand

New Zealnd - August 11-15, 2007 - Auckland

Auckland, wintertime, skyscrapers, grey.

A harsh contrast with Vanuatu, the sun, the blue-and-green of the ocean and his smiling people.


Sometimes, fortunately, there is also the sun!.

New Zealnd - August 16-18 - Wellington - Kaikoura

I booked an absolute madness ... And its time is getting closer ...


In the meantime, fhe navigation in the Cook Straight between North and South Islands. Not exactly a sunny day...


Then Kaikoura with its rich marine life, Sperm Whales, albatross and lazy fur seals sunning under the snowy Kaikoura Range.

And they look at you by turning their heads upside down and not turning their necks because that's how it's done underwater: to look from underneath towards the surface...