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Freediving books

My latest book!


Once expired the contract with the previous publishing house, I decided to re-edit the book myself, with the attention focused on restoring my original text. And I added many new photographs.
The book is the story of an extraordinary journey, a trip around the world diving into the oceans alone, a trip in which the hopes of wonderful encounters are intertwined with the curiosity of discovering the peoples and customs of those who of the ocean's proceeds and on its shores have always lived. From Venezuela to the long stay in the Pacific islands: Tonga, Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, New Zealand. And then Australia, always in pursuit of a dream that finally arrives in Africa, in the Cape Verde Islands, with the world record, the first ever granted to an Italian, for a wonderful fish of the oceans, the sailfish.
And in between the encounters with the fish of the big blue: sharks, tuna, marlin, sailfish, and then sunfish and turtles, mobulas and manta rays. Met in the belly of the ocean, free diving, suspended over unknown depths as in one's own thoughts, slow as ocean waves, up there on the surface, somewhere. 

Author's edition published December 2023


Tales of freediving encounters, at sea and in the ocean, ranging from the 1960s to the present day. Five decades, time and work permitting, on and in the water, in all possible weather conditions, from winter snow to the summer heat of the tropical oceans. In the company, underwater or in a boat, of fishermen, professionals or not, a variety of characters, each with its own story, for a few moments intertwined with mine, with the common trait of the same fascination for salt water.

Five decades of tales, stories of the sea and the ocean seen from below, positive and negative experiences, fish, characters encountered in the vast marine world. And "adventures" in places, at least at the time, rarely visited by divers. Indeed, some where I was the first diver ever to wear a mask. I met at close range the greatest protagonists of the Ocean, marlins, sharks, whales, dolphins, turtles, tuna, giants or not. And sailfish, of which I tell the capture and the consequent world record, the first and so far the only one ever conquered by an Italian. And the little plankton lives, beyond a few inches of water away from the mask.

Published November 2019


Equipment, techniques and ethics for spearfishing in the open sea.

The first manual on a revolutionary and fascinating fishing technique. Losing any contact with the earth, both emerged and also immersed, definitively disengaging from any contact, even visual, with the seabed. Fishing in the absolute blue, in open water, above unknown, potentially abyssal depths. A discipline that requires physical preparation and great mental balance, rigor and patience, but which promises exciting encounters.

Nutrimenti Publisher - Published September 2008


A Round the World trip spearfishing in open water, in the open ocean. In search of the big fish: sharks, tuna, swordfish, marlin.

Venezuela, Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Australia, Cape Verde are the main stages of the long journey in which I also established the World Record for Atlantic sailfish.


Nutrimenti Publisher - First Edition Published in February 2008

Books on GPS


From midnight on May 1st 2000, on the decree of the then President Bill Clinton, the signal degradation system (SA, Selective Availability) was turned off, allowing all GPS receivers to pass from the previous accuracy of about 900 m to the current 10 - 20 m.

The book takes up the structure of the previous lucky book of eight years earlier, and is divided into a theoretical part on the GPS system itself and the geographical reference, the Map Datum, necessary to obtain the maximum accuracy of detection of the ship's point.

It includes updates to the integration, at the time in its infancy, with the "competing" systems of GPS, the Russian GLONASS and the GALILEO system of ESA (European Space Agency).

Publisher Nistri - Lischi (Pisa) - The Tagliamare Series

Publication October 2003 - Third edition .


A book from several years ago, designed to help sailors with a new instrument (at the time). The previous LORAN C system (LORAN: LOng RAnge Navigation) was in the beginning of decommissioning.

Divided into a theoretical part on the GPS system itself and the geographical reference, the Map Datum, necessary to obtain the maximum accuracy of detection of the ship's point. And the consequent use of the navigation computer.

Publisher Nistri - Lischi (Pisa) - The Tagliamare Series

Publication May 1995 - First edition .

Various books


A programming book linked to the teaching of the Italian language.

It is a guide for the construction of a linguistic microworld using the LOGO interpreter, usually used only in the graphical-mathematical field.

The text includes numerous original ideas, with programming examples, ranging from anagrams, with control over the "pronunciation" in the Italian language, to the computer creation of random texts. From simple models to the development of complex grammars and "guided" stories.

Suggestions are given on the indications of the expected cognitive, linguistic and metalinguistic effects.

Publisher La Nuova Italia - Published October 1996

Since the time I was collaborating with CIRED (Center for Educational and Didactic Research) and LABSCO (Laboratory of Cognitive Sciences of the University of Venice) ...


Second half of the 1980s. It's the DOS era, the computer interface is often just BASIC, and the Commodore 64 goes crazy. The Internet is in its early stages, only the previous year, in Pisa, the first computer in Italy is connected to the network. And the most common modems "run" at 300 bits per second ...

The book helped to understand, connect and use a modem. He explained how to biuld the connecting cables between modem and computer. In particular, it illustrated the functioning of the (fundamental) serial interface RS232C. It also explained the transmission protocols and the various modem-computer connection software.

And, once everything is ready, what to do with it: the VIDEOTEL, databases that can be consulted via modem and the CBBS (Computerized Bullettin Board System), the electronic version of the time of the bulletin board.

Jackson Publishing Group - Released April 1987

It was, at the time, a Best Seller Jackson :-)